Kelby Weilnau

Project Engineer

Kelby Weilnau

Kelby holds a B.S.E. in Acoustical Engineering & Music from the University of Hartford, CT., and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Acoustic Engineering through the Penn State Distance Education Program. For his B.S.E. Capstone projects, Kelby helped to improve the vibration isolation and noise control systems for a hydraulic elevator pump and supported the design of prototype HVAC ductwork for a proposed commercial spacecraft. Kelby joined Sound Answers in 2013 as Project Engineer, and spent his first year on-site at an automotive OEM conducting NVH development activities in support of vehicle and system-level targets. Upon returning to Sound Answers in 2014, Kelby has supported several noise and vibration troubleshooting projects, component-level acoustic materials testing, testing for correlation of SEA models and experimental modal analysis. Kelby is part of the Vehicle Development team at Sound Answers.

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