Gabriella Cerrato


Dr. Gabriella Cerrato

Gabriella is co-founder and President of Sound Answers. Gabriella earned a Doctorate degree in Physics from the University of Torino, Italy. Her PhD thesis was on theoretical fluid-dynamics/chaos theory and specifically on the chaotic solution of the (non-linear) Lorenz system of equations that describe atmospheric convective motion (Lorenz attractor). She started her professional career in 1984 at Modulo Uno, a noise and vibration consulting company in Torino, Italy. She started as Project Engineer, involved with noise and vibration testing of machinery and transportation (ground and air), later becoming responsible for the R&D department. In 1990, Gabriella joined Electronic Sound Attenuation (ELESA SpA), a joint venture between FIAT and ANVT, to develop active noise and vibration solutions for passenger vehicles. Gabriella managed the Acoustic Systems group and was responsible for developing the acoustic requirements for exhaust and cabin ANC systems and for testing and assessing their performance. It is during this time that she first became involved with Sound Quality as she and her team often found out that good ANC performance did not necessarily correspond to improved drivers’ perception. In 1994, Gabriella joined the Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC) Consulting Group in Detroit, MI, where she was involved with noise and vibration troubleshooting testing of vehicles and with projects aimed at developing objective models of SQ for various automotive attributes (Powertrain, driveline, DC-motor accessories, AC compressor, road noise, etc.). From 2001 to 2003, Gabriella was Principal Engineer at the Tecumseh Products Research Lab in Ann Arbor, MI, where she developed test and CAE (FE, 1D and 3D acoustic) methodologies for NV product development of refrigeration compressors and utility engines. While at Tecumseh, she was awarded two patents, one for a scroll muffler for the exhaust of small engines and one for a quarter wavelength tuner for hermetic compressors. She returned to MTS (ex SDRC) in 2003 as Technical Director of the Noise and Vibration Consulting, before starting Sound Answers in 2005.

During her 30+ year professional career, Gabriella has worked in many fields of noise and vibration, from environmental noise impact assessment (air and ground vehicle) to vehicle active noise and vibration control to NVH optimization in product design for compressors, AC and DC motors and small engines. Over the last 20 years, Gabriella’s work has focused mainly on sound and vibration quality of vehicle and products, troubleshooting NV issues and correlation between test and modeling. At Sound Answers, she has been the Principal Investigator in several Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) projects awarded by the US DOD. She has been invited to teach Sound Quality seminars at Michigan Technological University, at the University of Michigan and at The Ohio State University. She is also a regular instructor at the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Vehicle Noise Academy. Dr. Cerrato has also been interviewed by Car & Driver and Road & Track magazines (US) and by Racecar Engineering magazine (UK) on the subject of engine sound quality. Gabriella has presented papers at several international conferences and is the author/co-author of over 40 technical articles and papers on various subjects in the field of noise and vibration.

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