Ed Green

Principal Staff Engineer

Dr. Ed Green

Ed holds a BSME, MSME and PhD from Purdue University. Dr. Green’s PhD thesis focused on acoustic materials modeling and specifically on the examination of “smart” foams for Active Noise Control applications. He started in the early ‘80’s as Product Engineer at Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Company, where he performed testing and analysis for earthquake certification of station-class, high-voltage, lightning arrestors for PG&E. At Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories from the mid to late ‘80’s, Dr. Green was part of a team working on a project for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission aimed at assessing current and future nondestructive inspection technologies. He joined Roush Industries in the mid ’90’s, where he was NVH Test and CAE supervisor until 2011, when he joined Sound Answers. While at Roush, he successfully tackled numerous vehicle noise issues including sound package optimization, pass-by noise improvement, intake system design, airborne noise evaluation, modal testing, muffler development, and sound quality analysis. Other work included reduction and/or optimization of specific issues, such as engine camshaft whine, engine knock, seat track noise, and motorcycle handlebar vibration as well as NVH vehicle development support for several NA and overseas vehicle OEMs. Dr. Green joined Sound Answers as Principal Staff Engineer where he is responsible for Quality and where he leads all R&D efforts. His areas of expertise include modal analysis, materials testing and properties, sound package optimization, intake system and exhaust acoustic development, tuned mass damper development and signal processing. He is the author or coauthor of over 35 technical papers and is responsible for three inventions: an ultrasonic point probe to differentiate between shear and longitudinal waves, the application of glued joint technology for the occupant restraint of a robotic ride, and a passive sound absorption treatment to control boiler thermo-acoustic instability.

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