Chris Moon

Senior Project Engineer

Chris Moon

Chris holds a BSME from The Ohio State University and a MSME from the University of Alabama with a focus on noise and vibration quantification of gear testing machines. Prior to joining Sound Answers in 2007, Chris worked at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) at Ohio State and at Defiance Testing and Engineering. While at the CAR, he performed engine intake and exhaust system flow noise testing, vehicle sound quality studies, and acoustic testing. At Defiance, Chris was responsible for modal testing along with BSR and shaker testing including full vehicle (passenger cars, buses and service trucks) and sub-system/component (powertrain, transmission, Body-in-White, vehicle frames, trimmed bodies, seats, instrument panels, steering systems, etc). At Sound Answers, Chris has further developed his modal and structural experience by being the lead engineer in all modal testing projects and by leading test-CAE correlation efforts.   In addition to modal testing of automotive systems and components, Chris has also performed modal tests on non-automotive systems including: helicopter boom arms and winch, optics tables in High Energy Laser systems, imaging research test bench and subcomponents, medical X-Ray machine components, mining cutting wheel, lawnmower and lawnmower engine. Chris’s areas of expertise also include signal processing, sound intensity/sound power, transfer path analysis and leak detection using ultrasound. Chris has authored/co-authored several technical papers.

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