Bret Engels

Project Engineer

Bret Engels

Bret holds a BSME from the University of Michigan. During his studies, Bret participated in a project sponsored by Toyota to design and implement a mechatronic shift lever actuation device for use in autonomous vehicle R&D. Bret was also an intern at BMW Regensburg, Germany, working with industrial engineers to improve production efficiency. After joining Sound Answers in 2011, Bret spent a year on-site at an automotive OEM supporting various NV activities including benchmarking studies in support of target-setting for new vehicles. Upon returning to Sound Answers in 2012, Bret has been responsible for developing a variety of software tools for Sound Answers including Time Frequency Analyzer Core (TFAC), Sound Listening Interactive Clustering Environment (SLICE), and real-time MATLAB-based Jury applications for acoustic detection and localization. He also has experience in vehicle, tire and brake testing, and has supported multiple NV troubleshooting projects. Bret has co-authored three papers on software development for data analysis and sound quality applications.

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