Sound Quality | Sound AnswersSound and Vibration Quality and Target Development

  • Establish objective sound and vibration quality targets which correlate to end-user subjective preferences
  • Help customers develop more representative pass/fail criteria, and incorporate these new targets in their manufacturing process taking the guesswork out of subjective sound quality specifications

image063.pngVehicle NVH Integration

  • Benchmarking activities to aid in vehicle-level target setting, along with cascading of targets down to the system and component-level.
  • Optimize various systems for both acoustic and structural inputs, induction system development to achieve the desired sound quality performance, acoustic package development to achieve vehicle targets, and support to engine calibration teams to optimize NVH performance.
  • Support through until launch, including key management driving evaluations and press events.

Noise Prediction | Sound AnswersOptimize Noise and Vibration Procedures

  • Develop simplified procedures to estimate contributions for a customer’s NV target from different sources and paths
  • Bridge the gap between test and CAE data to help customers improve the efficiency of the product development and improvement cycle

Standardized Testing | Sound AnswersStandardized Test Customization

  • Perform standardized tests and develop test procedures
  • Optimize lab efficiency by deploying standardized tests
  • Realize the need of the modern lab to complement commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software/hardware systems with custom sound and vibration standardized test cells in order to meet increased efficiency requirements
  • Provide relief to limited resources and efficiency concerns

Troubleshooting | Sound AnswersTroubleshooting

  • Root cause sound and vibration issues and develop guidelines for countermeasures
  • With access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, leverage the most innovative tools available to tackle any sound and vibration issue

Training | Sound AnswersTraining and Process Implementation

  • Provide a variety of how-to and technical training with focus on transferring technology and expertise to customers
  • Assemble a custom training course to meet specific needs, from fundamentals of acoustics and vibration to target development processes or from typical troubleshooting techniques to development of customized test solutions

Research & Development | Sound AnswersResearch and Development

  • Leverage the government Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) program along with large commercial projects to support internal R&D
  • Build on the expertise developed in other industries
  • Awarded four federal research grants including a Phase II project to build a commercial software product, Time Frequency Analyzer Core (TFAC), that includes signal processing algorithms specifically tailored for the test environment

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