Time Domain SPC of Powertrain

Industry: Automotive

Applications: Optimize Noise and Vibration Procedures

A NA vehicle OEM desired to evaluate the SQ effect of an alternate powertrain in a production vehicle without having to actually swap powertrain. Sound Answers developed a new process that leveraged an experimental time-domain Source Path Contribution (SPC) model of the existing vehicle and powertrain so that a ÒvirtualÓ swap with a different engine could be implemented into the model and the results listened to and compared to established platform targets. The main objective of the project was to develop a testing and data analysis process completely open to the OEMÕs engineers to replace a supplierÕs proprietary, frequency-based, method to be used to pre-empt severe sound quality concerns when integrating different/new powertrains into a production vehicle. The project performed by Sound Answers demonstrated that the SPC reconstruction of interior noise at steady state and run-ups in the tested vehicle with the ÒvirtuallyÓ swapped powertrain correlated well with measured data and therefore could be trusted to assess the SQ impact of a different powertrain in the same body.

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