Skid-Steer Source Path Contribution Analysis

Industry: Off-Highway

Applications: Troubleshooting

In order to effectively control noise levels at the operator position in a vehicle, it is important to have a good understanding of what elements of the vehicle contribute to the operator position levels. Sound Answers performed Bruel & Kjaer Source-Path-Contribution (SPC) analysis on a loader vehicle, which provided an understanding of the dominant contributors to the operator position sound pressure levels. The SPC analysis requires acoustic (P/F) and vibration (A/F) transfer functions from the source locations to the receiver location in addition to operational source characterization (radiated acoustic and vibration) measurements, so that the contribution from each source and path may be calculated. Sound Answers was able to augment this analysis with “What If?” studies, in which the data was analyzed to show what reductions in source strength would be required to reduce the operator levels to a desired target level. From this testing and analysis, the vehicle manufacturer was able to gain a better understanding of how best to control the noise at the operator position, and also gained exposure and understanding to the SPC process and capabilities.

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