Passenger Truck Interior Acoustic Package Optimization

Industry: Automotive

Applications: Optimize Noise and Vibration Procedures

An automotive OEM needed to optimize the acoustic package of its production truck and remove redundant Band-Aid-type fixes that had been applied pre- and post- launch to achieve desired NVH performance. The goals of the project were 1) to optimize the released NVH package for improved cost and weight without degradation of NVH performance and 2) to develop a practical, efficient, and reliable process to optimize NVH package development through integration of test and analytical tools. The goal of the project was achieved by developing a synthesis process that allowed for the prediction of interior sound levels for alternative NVH package configurations. Acoustic contributions from the powertrain through specific paths into the interior of the cab were synthesized with and without modifications, so that different acoustic package scenarios could be listened to and SQ metrics computed, to identify the most cost-effective configuration.

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