Experimental Testing for FEA Correlation of Acoustic Cavity & Trim

Industry: Automotive

Applications: Vehicle Integration

The objective of this project was to measure the vehicle cabin vibro-acoustic response up to 150 Hz to validate an acoustic Finite Element model. Acoustic and vibration Transfer Function measurements were conducted in the vehicle cabin with different trim configurations, from fully trimmed to completely bare. Vehicle body panels were instrumented with accelerometers and several microphones positioned in the cabin. For the acoustic artificial excitation tests, a low frequency Volume Velocity Source was placed behind the rear seats. For the structural artificial excitation tests, a rear while was removed and a shaker positioned to excite at a rear suspension attachment point. Complete datasets of acoustic, structural and vibro-acoustic Transfer Functions (V/F, P/F, V/Q, P/Q) were taken for each trim configurations and provided to the CAE team for correlation.

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