BSR Identification and Root Cause Analysis

Industry: Automotive

Applications: Troubleshooting

A Korean transplant needed a BSR validation of a facelift of its production vehicle for NA. Areas of BSR concern were the IP, the center console and the headliner. The tests were performed by Sound Answers with the vehicle on a MTS 4-post shaker, with various drive files used to excite different BSR events. Sound Answers recommended the use of spherical beamforming to take acoustic pictures of transient BSR events before and after the fix to facilitate the communication with the Korean team. Figure 1 shows the process and an example of results. This type of tool (microphone arrays with near field acoustic holography or beamforming algorithms) is very useful and has been used by Sound Answers every time when, in a troubleshooting project, the source is distributed (such as the top of an engine in bay) and its noise is not constant (such as during an engine run up).

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