Brand Sound Quality

Industry: Automotive

Applications: SVQ Target Development

An automotive OEM wished to develop a brand sound identity for one of its vehicle lines. Acoustic branding management allows for better brand differentiation, higher brand recognition, stronger emotional reaction from consumers and therefore an improved experience of the brand. The vehicle OEM also needed to develop Powertrain Sound Quality metrics correlated to the Brand Image. To this end, binaural acoustic data was collected at the Driver and Passenger’s positions while driving various vehicles (OEM and competitive) on the road in normal driving conditions. Sound AnswersÕ SQUARE software was used for the subjective evaluation of the recorded sounds on the Powerful/Refined plane. Sounds were grouped by vehicle segment and compared to the SQ Metrics to show what features of sound correlated best to each of those descriptions. The OEM was then able to use this information to define Sound Quality design targets.

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