Air Handler Unit Alternative Sound Power Testing

Industry: Consumer Products

Applications: Standardized Testing

A global air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems manufacturer selected Sound Answers to conduct sound power measurements to qualify their units for delivery to the final customer. Sound power measurements were made on the air handler unit at the customer’s facility in Canada as an alternative to measuring sound power within a reverberant room located at another facility. Sound intensity based ISO specification 9614-2 was used for all measurements to quantify the sound power. Sound Answers developed a process derived from standard procedures for measurements of noise from vehicle exhaust and intake orifices which was utilized to handle the challenge associated with making sound intensity measurements in the presence of direct flow greater than 4 m/s (which is not allowed by ISO spec). This alternative method for qualifying AHU’s for sound power has saved the customer an excessive amount of time and shipping costs associated with placing and setting up the air handler units within the reverberant room which is located off-site internationally of some manufacturing facilities.

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